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Sewing Clip Art Links

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Sewing machine production began in earnest in the 1850s, with the first saleable machines being those made by Isaac Singer, and they were used commercially. Random Facts

Sewing clip art links to sites with needles, thread, sewing machines and other sewing clip art images.

B J's Craft Backgrounds Locate sewing backgrounds that includes side bar backgrounds of women sewing, sewing machines, and more.
View needles, buttons, a pincushion, thread and other sewing images.
Locate sissors, thread, sewing machines, buttons, sewing objects, people sewing, and other sewing images. Commercial site.
J's Magic
View sewing machine clip art, plus some animated sewing machines, safety pins, women sewing, and thread.
Sewing Clip Art
Locate a lady sewing, thread, a sweing basket, sewing machine, a color wheel, and thread, needle and thimbles.
Sno's Studio
Find sissors, pincushion, needle and thread, plus a measuring tape in several different sizes, plus a row of thread, and rows of buttons.
Treadle Sewing Machine
An old fashioned treadle sewing machine in three different sizes, plus a smaller sized image in the Title area that may also be downloaded and used.
WP Clipart
Find sewing machines, needles and thread, sissors, a bobbin, safety pins, and a pincushion.

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