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Come! . . . The journey begins.

Come With Me

Grabbing our backpacks, we start our journey along a narrow path that curves and twists and takes us deeper and deeper into a mountainous region. The trees become thicker and thicker covering the path with shadows dark and mysterious.

"I've never traveled this way before, but 'tis said that strange four-footed beasts roam the web strands here."

CAREFUL! I see wolf prints here.

a wolf

A ghost Wolf! Just as the rumors tell! The Wolfen Realm is just ahead. Walk carefully and true, my friend.

Quietly and silently we travel slowly along the darkened shadowy path. Suddenly among the trees we see eyes of slanted yellow gazing at us. We stop, with swords in hand and wait . . . . and a wolf steps out from the trees and says,

The wolf family

Are you lost and alone? Does anyone know you were coming here? Oh, don't worry, I won't harm you. Come on in and meet my family.

Oh, what curious, uncanny and delightful sights we saw we tarried in the Wolf Family Clan. But the tangled web does weave its magic spell so we take our leave and journey on. Half a day along our way we spot a wolfen family and we listen intently as the parents answer the young ones questions about What a Wolf Is.

After introducing ourselves and asking questions of our own about the wolfen ways, we are invited to travel a short distance to a magic, marvelous wolfen place where images of wolfen folk are frozen in time on walls as smooth as iced water.

Our eyes filled with amazement at the remarkable frozen images we finally bid goodbye to the wolfen family and continued on our way. At last we reach the very center of the wolfen realm and here we pause to rest ... and to learn more of the fascinating wolfen ways.

After a few days rest we feel compelled to travel on, so saying farewell to our many wolfen friends we plunge once more into the strands of tangled web. Our road now leads into dense, dark foliage which seems to grow more eerie by the minute. We cautiously follow the twisting path, when suddenly we're startled by a rushing crashing noise!

Watch Out!

boffe.gif - 1.9 K

Oh! . . . It's a little Voff!

It took only a moment to determine that this unique and rare little animal was also on a quest through this strange and mysterious Web. Our paths had merged together at this point and the little Voff would travel with us.

a blue diamond Voff Joins The Journey another blue diamond

We've reached the Cross Roads. The road ahead twists and turns and leads us on into the mysterious web. The other road turns back and will take you home. Which road will you choose?

I thought the wolves were fun. I'm ready for more adventure!

After all those wolves I need a bath. I think I'd better go home.

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