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Virtual armchair traveling is easy, inexpensive and safe. You never have to pack, take a plane or leave your armchair. So, pull up a chair, pick a destination, and let's GO!

Amish and Plain People Tour
Pictures and information about the Amish, the Mennonites, the Brethern, and the other Plain People of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
Bristol, England
Take a picture tour of Bristol, England and learn about Bristol history, architecture, churches, statues, and landmarks, plus tour the Bristol suburbs of Ashley, Clifton, Montpelier, Totterdown, and other suburbs.
British Columbia Wilderness
Tour British Columbia wilderness pictures and text by clicking on the topics Animals, Birds, Fish, Flowers, Trees, or Wilderness Survival, then on the left hand side (under the Facebook logo,, clicking on each item, such as Badger, Beaver, etc.
Chicago: The Great Chicago Fire
Photos and text that includes a bird's-eye view of pre-fire Chicago, photos and illustrations of the wind driven fire, the ruined city, rescue and relief and more.
Chicago: The Web of Memories
Eyewitnesses reports, front page news, items torched by the fire, and other interesting pictures, and other memorable stories and photos.
China's Hidden Gems
Photographs and a bit of information about the Valley of Nine Villages in Sichuan, Guizhou province, Guilin, and the Zhongdian county, and Xi'an.
Read a brief introduction to Croatia then click on the photos and the video gallery to tour Croatia by video or pictures.
Egypt: National Geographic
Click through the 17 photographs to view and to get a bit of information about these must see sites and attractions in Egypt.
Take a hike, a virtual pictorial hike, to many places in Arizona such as Cave Creek, Flagstaff, Four Peaks, Grand Canyon, Mogollon Rim, Sedona, Tucson, Verde Valley, White Mountains, Pinal Mountains, and other interesting places to hike, plus Bryce, Utah, Zion Utah, San Bernardino Mountains, California, Aspen, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, and other places. Plan to spend many pleasurable hours on these virtual hikes.
Greece Picture Tour
Visit Athens, Southern Greece, Central Greece, Northern Greece and the Greek Islands, all from the comfort of your own home.
Icelandic Tour
"The Golden Circle tour hits the geologic and historic highlights in the environs of the southwest peninsular of Iceland. Within that short distance you'll see more different types of volcanoes than you could possibly remember ."
Explore London by clicking on a section of the map, then clicking on red dots for photos of that area.

Paris Cafe Picture Tour
Paris cafes are possibly the most well-known image of the City of Light. The Paris Cafe is more than a place to sip coffee. It is an institution in Paris, it is a magnet for tourists, it is a cultural phenomenon. Take a pictorial tour of 24 Paris cafes.
Tour the planets with this collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.
Raglan Castle: A Virtual Tour
Take a pictorial tour of Raglan Castle, one of the major castles in Southeast Wales.
Roman Villa
Take a picture tour of a Roman villa in southwestern Germany between Stuttgart and Lake Constance dating from 1st to the 3rd Century A.D.
Tour Rome through pictures that includes photos and information about the Arch of Constantine, Arch of Titus, Bath of Trajan, the Column of Marcus Aurelius, the Imperial Palace, Trajan's Market, and many other sites and places in Rome.
San Francisco Picture Tour
Visit downtown, South of Market, North Beach and the marina, Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks, Alamo Square, and the Pacific Ocean coast.
Sydney, Australia
Take a tour of Sydney, Australia via 72 pictures.
Taj Mahal Virtual Tour
Tour 22 different areas of the monument and gardens through 360° panoramas, maps, narrated mini-movies, music and text.

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