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Dragon's Lair

We travel on into the mysterious web, carefully walking down this darkened strand of web that turns and curves and climbs and drops; a path that leads through misty, gloomy places filled with shadows deep and caverns dark. We rest at last in a small clearing, huddled close around our small campfire.

" Let's rest here a bit before traveling on through chasms dark and dangerous and steep. Tis time to write our last farewells ....

Last Farewells

Daylight filters dimly through the mountains tall. "Come, my friend, let's be on our way again. " We travel deeper into the twisting, tangled web along a route no one has ever trod before and at last come to the mountain tops, wild and lonely . Strange rustling noises we hear and smoke drifts upward from beneath hidden caves and ledges...


a flying dragon

Ah, what tales this dragon told, of jet black hills with veins of gold. In curious delight we gaze at the dragons, large and small, formed in browns or glittering skin of muted gold.

a small blue diamond

Then following a secret path to a hidden fairy realm, we paused to gaze in wonder at .....

A small fairy

a tiny dancing fairy!

She leads us to a forest glen filled with glittering gem light and tiny fairies flittering through the trees and flowers, and asks us to rescue a blue fairy dragon who has wandered into their world.

We spend days searching for this fairy dragon, but finally we did it! We found the beautiful blue fairy dragon and brought her out with us!

bluebfdragsm2.gif - 14.7 K
The Blue Fairy Dragon came from D-Mentia's Worlds, a world of dragons both large and small.
The portal to D-Mentia's Worlds seems to have been closed by an evil magic spell.
Perhaps one day, if we pass through here again, it will have opened.

We travel onward...ever deeper into the dense forest, beside a babbling, bubbling brook that glitters silvery white, then down a winding trail, and finally into a meadow filled with wild flowers, and birds, and gently blowing grasses. This will make a peaceful place to rest a bit.

As we prepare to sit and rest a bit a rustling noise is heard. Be quiet and listen! It sounds like something running....

Run! ... Run FAST!!

a green dinosaur runs past

Wow! We were almost run over by that one!

Boy, that small dragon was in a heck of a hurry! Look! I see another crossroad ahead. It's time once more for you to choose your destiny. Will you continue on into the web, my brave friend?

I'm an adventurous soul. Let's travel on into the web!

I think I hear my mother calling. I 'd better go home.

small red arrows pointing down

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