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The twisting strands of tangled web leads now to a densely covered land filled with bush and brush so thick we barely see the path ahead. The trees are tall with clinging vines that swing and sway in gentle wind. Sounds of fluttering can be heard overhead and rustling noise is heard all around as we slowly and cautiously we proceed along the shadowed path.


a long brown and green snake

Way to go!!!

Great jump! -- I'm really glad you made it over that snake! Ummm..... I forgot to bring the snake-bite kit. Did you think to pack one?

Carefully searching the ground around us we proceed around a sharply curved bend. Voff warns that something waits in the path ahead. We freeze, afraid to move, as we see what waits in the middle of the path . . . .

a coiled snake
The Pigmy Rattlesnake

After long moments of frozen silence this small snake shyly told it's history, then quickly crawled away leaving us to wonder what other creatures dwelt just off the trail and out of sight.

a blue diamond

Just a few steps more along this strand of web and in a clearing near our trail, coiled and colorful snakes lay in splendid array.

a coiled green snake with mouth opened Wow! Careful where you step. There are A Ton of Snakes here!

a blue diamond

We carefully made our way through those snakes and wandered on a few steps. LOOK OUT!! We almost stepped into a den of snakes.


Is it a snake ... or a worm? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Now more prepared to travel through this brush covered area deep within the web, we continue along the trail which climbs sharply toward the sky until at last we reach the top and stop to gaze in wonder down a canyon steep. Winding our way down a twisting, narrow trail, we come at last to a resting place. A cave to shelter us from the night, but as we near the cavern door we hear ghostly moans. Peering into the dim lit cave.

"Oh, NO! "

We'll have to fight our way out of this mess!

After hours, it seems, we were victorious and rested there for the night. Recovered from our mighty battle with the Web Wumpus we finally reach a high plateau and in the distance our path wanders off in two different directions. One road leads much higher than we've ever gone before, the other road leads home. Will you continue on with me, my friend?

This is great. The snakes were neat! I'm ready and willing to go on!

Dragons! Snakes! I can't take any more. I want to go home NOW!

small red arrows pointing down

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* The original image/images (snakes) from or another public domain site has/have been changed, lines and/or image redrawn as needed, images repositioned, resized, format changed, colors changed or added and the image/images otherwise manipulated as wanted or needed.


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