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Bird Clip Art Links

Browse links to blue birds, storks, doves, owls, hummingbirds, and other bird images.

three silhouetted birds
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Birds: Did you know that the male Quetzal, an endangered bird species, has such a long tail that, when taking flight from a branch, it must launch itself backwards in order to avoid ripping the tail to shreds? Useful Trivia.

Andrew Sain's GraphX Kingdom
Download small icons of a nest and eggs, blue birds, hummingbirds, bird in cage, hen, roosters, eagle, turkey, owl, and other bird icons.

Arthur's Birds
Browse through Pages and Pages of bird clip art that includes black and white, plus colored images of blue birds, robins, goldfinch, and other birds.

Classroom Clipart
Find bald eagles, penguins, owls, peacocks, pelicans, and other bird images.

Clipart ETC
Browse a large selection of black and white bird illustrations and drawings that includes chickens, ducks, eagles, geese, hummingbirds, ostriches, owls, vultures, woodpeckers, and much more.

Clipart Heaven
Click on the image names to view birds tangles in plastic soda rings, a robot bird, a handyman bird, stylized birds, bird pictures, bird clip art, and other bird clip art.

Free Clipart Now
Click on a type of bird to find bird illustrations, a stylized blue bird, a blue macaw, line drawings of birds, and more.

Free Gifs and Animations
Find blue jays, ducks, eagles, a pink flamingo, and other bird graphics.

Internet Clipart: Birds
Browse several Pages of realistic birds that includes parrots and other bird pictures and images.

Webweaver Birds
A strutting rooster, a pretty seagull, a baby blue bird, ducks, bird houses, and other bird clip art.

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* The original image/images (bird) from or another public domain site has/have been changed, lines and/or image redrawn as needed, images repositioned, resized, format changed, colors changed or added and the image/images otherwise manipulated as wanted or needed.

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Web Clip Art is clip art created for use on Web Pages. This clip art has been created with pixels in GIF format for use as Web clip art. This Web clip art can, in some cases, be used for other purposes, such as scrapbooking, newsletters, or greeting cards, but changing the size of graphics created with pixels can cause image distortion. Shadowed images are for use on light or white backgrounds, while unshadowed images are for use on both light and dark background Pages.

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