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Christmas Eve

Teddy bear holding a wrapped gift
© Bobbie Jean Peachey

Holidays at our house means special family gatherings. It's a family tradition for Thanksgiving dinner to always be held at the cabin up north. My sister (the professional shopper) and her family always go North early and start the Thanksgiving baking and cooking. The rest of the family arrive for the feast, bringing the rest of the trimmings and goodies.

It has also become a family tradition for the Christmas Eve gathering to be held at my other sister's home (the foster parents) whose home is large enough to accommodate the many family members who gather there on Christmas Eve night.

The house is decorated, the potluck dinner is arranged on the kitchen counters and table, the Christmas carols are playing, and the gifts to be exchanged this evening are piled high in the living room window seat. Everyone is dressed in their red and green holiday clothes, and and one of my sisters (the antique collector) uses the Christmas Eve night as a special occasion to dress in beautiful antique clothing from the romantic past.

Exited children running back and forth in their holiday finery, dodging clusters of chattering groups, gathered in every room in the house, finally are drawn to the pile of gifts searching for that special gift from Great Grandmother.

The feeling of togetherness, a family united by love, and beliefs, and caring, and sharing is what this Christmas Eve family gathering is all about.

Merry Christmas from my family to your family. May your Holidays be full of love and joy and peace.

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