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Family Christmas Trees

Bringing in the Christmas tree and having the entire family help with decorating is a big part of our family tradition. I remember a couple of times that things went a bit wrong.

  • The Lazy Christmas Tree

  • The Almost Lost Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Ornaments
    © Bobbie Jean Peachey

    The Lazy Christmas Tree

    Christmas at Our House means decorating the Christmas Tree. I tried doing something really simple and easy last year at Christmas when it came time to set the tree up. All the kids have their own homes now and it's just me and the cat. I had decorated a small three foot artificial tree for the office the year before and instead of removing the small bulbs, decorations and lights, I just left them on the tree and pulled a large trash bag over the tree and tied it closed.

    Instead of dragging the big one out and setting it up-- after moving all the furniture in order to place the big tree in front of the window-- I decided to bring the little tree in and just set it on the end table by the window. It looked very good there, it was the right size, it fit into the space nicely and all I had to do was plug the lights in. DONE! Now I can relax, read a book and enjoy soft Christmas music.

    My daughter visited shortly after I set up my Christmas tree and had a hissy fit! (Note: If you don't know what a hissy fit is, look it up in a dictionary.) It seems that Christmas is just not Christmas without the huge tree with every decoration I own draped around the tree, plus Christmas candles, wreaths, and holiday decor on every table, and in every niche and cranny.

    So here I am dragging every box of decorations down and setting up a huge tree again, spending the entire day placing wreaths, candles, and holiday decorations throughout the livingroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

    Shoot! Can't stop with just the house, so out I go to decorate the front yard, entry way, and back patio.

    Oh well, it shouldn't take but a day or two after the holiday to re-pack all the Christmas decorations, and move all the furniture back in place . . .I hope!

    Christmas Bulbs

    The Almost Lost Christmas Tree

    It's two weeks before Christmas and it's time to start the holiday season tree trimming and decorating. I got the large artificial Christmas tree out of the utility room, put two strands of lights on it and hung all the decorations on the branches. It was beautiful. The 3 strands of lights twinkled and faded in at out at slightly different times, the Christmas ornaments picked up the sparkling lights and the angel at the top of the tree was the most beautiful angel ever. Hmmmm, I thought the tree looked a bit shorter than it was supposed to.

    I had just filled my coffee cup and was sitting enjoying the beautiful tree and soft Christmas music when Mom called. She said that she was going to drop by in a few hours and pick up her Christmas tree that she had stored in my utility room last December. I hung the phone up, slowly put my coffee cup down and stared long and hard at my beautiful Christmas tree. "This is my tree, right? This really is MY tree, isn't it?" Was this really my tree? Or had I grabbed Mom's Christmas tree instead? Ummmm . . . I really do believe that my tree was a bit taller.

    Aggggghhhhh! I had grabbed my mother's Christmas tree, put it up, and decorated it!

    Well, there's no way I'm going to take those ornaments and lights off that tree. Just no way at all. There's only one thing that I can do. There's just no other way to do it, no way at all. I'm going to have to unplug the lights, and carry my beautiful Christmas tree, complete with ornaments and lights to Mom's car when she pulls up to get her tree!

    Mom's tree trimming would certainly be easy this year. All she'll have to do is get the tree from the car to the house, and plug it in.

    Just as I was recovering from shock and preparing myself to decorate another tree from scratch, Mom called again. Mom had dropped by my sister's house and my sister mentioned that she had brought down Mom's Christmas tree from the attic while she was bringing down her Christmas decorations. My sister wanted to know if Mom wanted to take the tree home with her.

    Laughter of surprise and delight rang out over the phone line.

    I sighed with relief as I hung up the phone, grabbed a fresh cup of coffee, and settled down for a long relaxing time admiring the Christmas tree I had almost lost!

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    2candle.gif - 1.3 KA candle's but a little thing-- It starts with just a bit of string-- Yet dipped and dipped with patient hand-- It gathers wax upon the stand-- Until, complete and snowy white-- it gives at last a lovely light.

    2candle.gif - 1.3 KLife seems so like that bit of string-- Each deed we do, a simple thing -- Yet day by day if on life's strand-- We work with patient heart and hand-- It gathers joy, makes dark days bright-- And gives at last a lovely light.
    Author Unknown

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Christmas Tree
    © Bobbie Jean Peachey

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