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Alaska Clip Art Links

Alaskan Law: Did you know that while it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited? Weird Facts.

Browse Alaska resources, clip art, information, history, crafts, recipes, and other images and information.

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Public Domain

Alaska State Seal
A black and white image of the Alaska State Seal.
Classroom Clipart
Find Alaska clip art of a stylized whale and totem pole, Alaska maps, Alaska flags, totems poles, An Eskimo, the Alaska state flower, a girl with a spear wearing a fur trimmed coat, an igloo, moose, dragonfly, eagle, and other Alaskan images.
Clipart ETC
A black and white sketch of the prow of an Alaskan war canoe in three different sizes, plus a small image in the title that may also be downloaded.
Public Domain Clip Art
Download a large image of US State Counties of Alaska in colors for the various counties that includes Fairbanks, Sitka, Nome, Kodiak Island, Wade Hampton, and the other counties.

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The original image/images (igloo) from or another public domain site has/have been changed, lines and/or image redrawn as needed, images repositioned, resized, format changed, colors changed or added and the image/images otherwise manipulated as wanted or needed.

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