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Flowers For Everyone

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Flowers are all around us, in our gardens, parks, along the roadside, in pots in our homes, and offices. Flowers are given for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events to show our congratulations, our sympathy, our remembrance, our love, and just because we want to give a bit of pleasure to others. Flowers are for beauty, for healing, and even for eating.

Birth Flowers and Meanings

SHG Resources
Find your birthstone, birth flower, the flower color and the flower meaning. For example, the January birthstone is a Garnet, the flower is a Carnation or Snowdrop in various colors of red, pink or white. The meaning of the January flower is affection, deep love, distinction, happiness, fascination, and lasting fidelity.

Flower Meanings
An A to Z listing of flowers and their meanings. A pink carnation means I'll Never Forget You, a red poppy means Pleasure, a spider flower means, Elope With Me, and a cactus means Endurance.

What Flower Are You?
Type in your first name and your family name to find out what kind of a flower you are. You can also find out what cartoon character you are, what movie you could be in, what your ideal pet is, and other interesting and fun trivia.

Flowers for Healing

Medicinal Herbs, Plants and Flowers
A list of herbs, plants, and flowers with photos of each and what and how they are used.

Healing Flowers
Use Hawthorn to help your heart, heal wounds with Yarrow, sooth a colicky baby with Chamomile, and other plants and flowers used for healing.

Flowers to Eat

Edible Flower Chart
Not all flowers are edible. Learn to choose flowers wisely and learn what part of the flower can be eaten, how to clean the flowers, how to preserve edible flowers, and more.

Culinary Lavender
Recipes include Lavender Tea Cookies, Grilled Pork Chops with Lavender Flowers, and Lavender Meringue Cookies.

Edible Flower Recipes
Find 50 recipes for edible flowers that includes Rose Crackle Cookies, Violet Truffles, and Pound Cake with Blueberries and Lavender Syrup.

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