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Autism Laughs

I ran across several articles on the Internet that implied that autistic children have no sense of humor or implied that autistic children cannot understand humor.

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When something is funny or amusing you smile or laugh or giggle. When something is funny or amusing to autistic children, they smile or laugh or giggle.

Jacob's Humor

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I frequently took my 18 month old autistic grandson with me when shopping at Walmart. Jacob loved riding in the seat and was very patient while I shopped. Normally, after finishing my shopping I would head for the toy section and Jacob would shop, normally for a toy car or a ball. As I headed for the toy isle my allergies acted up and I started coughing. I couldn't seem to stop. So there I was holding onto the cart where Jacob was sitting, bending over a bit and coughing my head off. Since I am "of a certain age" I was also trying desperately to clamp my legs together, a familiar problem for any woman over the age of 60 if she is laughing uproariously or having a coughing fit.

For some reason Jacob thought that was the funniest thing he had ever seen. I would cough, he would laugh. I would stop to catch my breath and he would watch me. The minute I started to cough again, he laughed again. He laughed so hard he was hanging over the side of the basket so far that I thought he might fall out. I finally caught my breath long enough to find a bench to sit and recover a bit. Even after I stopped coughing Jacob would watch me and giggle every once in awhile waiting to see if I would start the funny coughing and gasping again.

Yes, autistic children do have a sense of humor. Yes, autistic children do laugh.

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