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Black Clip Art Page 6

Download black clip art, grey scale, and silhouette clip art of a frog, frogs on a linebar, individual penguins, and a row of penguins. The images in this section are grey scale or black silhouettes. You will find the same images in color by browsing the various topics of original mouse drawn clip art in the links below the Black and Grey Scale navigation links. These images may be used freely on personal, educational and non-commercial Web pages for a link back to this site.

black20.gif - 2.9 K

black22.gif - 10.6 K

black26.gif - 2.5 K black27.gif - 1.1 K

black28.gif - 11.4 K
© Bobbie Jean Peachey
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Silhouettes: There are three basic types of silhouettes: painted, hollow-cut or cut-out. Painted silhouettes were most frequently created using black ink or paint to apply the likeness to a base, usually paper or plaster and occasionally porcelain.1 “Hollow-cut” and “cut-out” are terms used specifically for portraits created with paper.2 With hollow-cut silhouettes, the image is cut away from the paper — usually a light color — leaving the negative or outside of the image that is then mounted over dark paper or fabric. Cut-out silhouettes are created when the artist removes the paper surrounding the outlined profile of the subject. The positive shape is then mounted onto a background; every silhouette in the Winn album falls into this category, cut from a light-weight, black paper with a glossy finish and mounted with an adhesive onto white cardstock. In addition to type, silhouettes, like painted portraits, are also categorized by form: full length images or busts. Arlington Historical Society.

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Black and Grey Scale 1: dogs, cats
Black and Grey Scale 2: bats, bees, butterflies
Black and Grey Scale 3: bookworms, birds
Black and Grey Scale 4: cats, elephant, kangaroo
Black and Grey Scale 5: weird animals, owls on a branch
Black and Grey Scale 6: frogs, penguins
Black and Grey Scale 7: rabbits, quail, turtles
Black and Grey Scale 8: keys, cleared off desk
Black and Grey Scale 9: lipstick, umbrellas, Chinese lanterns
Black and Grey Scale 10: music notes, Australian flag, Kwanzaa candles
Black and Grey Scale 11: Kwanzaa candle scenes
Black and Grey Scale 12: shamrock divider, large shamrocks
Black and Grey Scale 13: menorah, dreidels
Black and Grey Scale 14: butterfly fairy, leaves, crockpot
Black and Grey Scale 15: truck, tree, teddy bear, puzzle pieces
Black and Grey Scale 16: cake, dinner rolls, loaves of bread
Black and Grey Scale 17: ice cream, cookies, rice, hotdog, hamburger, salad
Black and Grey Scale 18: girls singing, American crossed flags
Black and Grey Scale 19: pine branch and ornaments, Christmas trees
Black and Grey Scale 20: candle and pine cones, candle and Christmas bulbs
Black and Grey Scale 21: Christmas tree with popcorn trim and presents
Black and Grey Scale 22: city buildings, house scene with trees
Black and Grey Scale 23: tent and campfire in the forest
Black and Grey Scale 24: large smilie face, trees in snow
Black and Grey Scale 25: mortar, stethoscopes, prescriptions, woman
Black and Grey Scale 26: kokopellis facing right, kokopellis facing left
Black and Grey Scale 27: angels with stars, crosses
Black and Grey Scale 28: mask, spring flowers, star flowers, balloons
Black and Grey Scale 29: Thanksgiving Wreath or Circle of Leaves
Black and Grey Scale 30: hearts, dividers, leaves, graduation cap, diploma
Black and Grey Scale 31: cattail dividers, back to school schoolhouse scene
Black and Grey Scale 33: three yo-yo images
Black and Grey Scale 34: airplanes, alien in spaceship, rings and torch
Black and Grey Scale 35: luggage, tour bus with luggage, sailing ship
Black and Grey Scale 36: baseball, tennis, and bowling clip art
Black and Grey Scale 37: hot air balloon, tow truck, truck and camper
Black and Grey Scale 38: linebars, dividers, arrows
Black and Grey Scale 39: Hearts With Open Path Designs
Black and Grey Scale 40: fried rice, cactus and rocks, the flu bug

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Web Clip Art is clip art created for use on Web Pages. This clip art has been created with pixels in GIF format for use as Web clip art. This Web clip art can, in some cases, be used for other purposes, such as scrapbooking, newsletters, or greeting cards, but changing the size of graphics created with pixels can cause image distortion. Shadowed images are for use on light or white backgrounds, while unshadowed images are for use on both light and dark background Pages.

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