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Coming Home

military base
Bobbie Jean Peachey
Military image used with special permission from ABKL Designs

Your military loved ones are coming home and your family can now be complete again. But some changes have occurred in the family circle since your loved one has been away.

If you have children, they've become used to you being the rule maker and the provider. You've become accustomed to being the decision maker and the money manager. Your loved one has also gone through changes and both of you need to be aware of the problems that could affect your family life, such as financial problems, emotional stress, physical problems, changed family relationships, and post-traumatic stress.

Please realize that you are not alone. Many others are having to deal with the same problems that you are facing. Don't hesitate to get the help you and your family needs.

Coming Home Resources:

Real Warriors
Tips, hints and information about how to manage stress and how to cope with stress in difficult situations.

Coming Home: Adjustment for Families
Military families look forward to being together after a long deployment with many mixed emotions. Each family member will have different expectations, needs and feelings.

Coming Home To Navigate the Financial Land Mines
Returning soldiers can face less money and more stress, loss of legal protection, and temptations to over spend financially.

Tips to Avoid Financial Rip-offs
A must read article for returning military personnel who are used to using their social security number for everything while in the military.

At Risk of Losing Your Home?
Are you a veteran at risk of losing your housing? Department of Veterans Affairs can connect you with comprehensive programs—from health care to employment assistance—to prevent housing loss.

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More Resources:
Air Force Aid Society
Benefits Fact Sheets
Defense Centers of Excellence
Disabled American Veterans
National Center for PTSD
Operation We Are Here
Veteran Employment

Career Possibilities:
Veteran Education and Accredited Online Colleges
Accredited online education could give returning veterans an opportunity to earn a degree or to sharpen existing skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive economy.
Become a Bounty Hunter
Requires training and licensing, and the requirements vary from state to state. Being a bounty hunter is not for everyone as the work can be grueling, dangerous, and also boring with many ups and downs, but could be a career opportunity for a person willing to study, to learn, and to periodic income.
Veterans have technical skills in areas of critical importance, and many also already have security clearances required for some Federal positions.
Military Skills Translator
Translate your military skills, experience and training to find career opportunities that best align with your capabilities.
Vets and the Technology Industry
Many veterans leave the military with IT certifications, leadership skills and a work ethnic that make them prime candidates for jobs in the technology industry.
100 Military Friendly Employers
Browse ten pages that of this list that ranks the best military friendly employers in order from 1 to 100.

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