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A New Teen Fad?

A teenager in Phoenix, Arizona may be setting a new fashion fad with her innovative and fun ankle huggies.

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The ankle covers (or ankle huggies) are a unique and fun looking fad fashion statement. You can easily create you own ankle huggies by starting with an old pair of levi's.

  • You will want the bottom seams around the legs to be intact and not torn.

  • Make sure that you don't have any torn material that hangs so far down that you could trip. Fashion statements and fads should be a bit wild and a bit wicked and still be safe enough to wear without tripping and spoiling your moment of fame.
  • Cut the legs off below the knees. You can experiment with the length of material left on the bottom of the levi legs.

  • Worn spots and torn seams will create unique and individual one- of- a- kind shapes and designs.
  • Wear the ankle covers with a t-shirt and shorts as casual wear for at home and outdoor projects and fun. The teenager below is wearing her unique ankle huggies as she helps organize a money making sports game project.

    anklefull.jpg - 59.7 K
    © Bobbie Jean Peachey
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    Add some sparkle to your created ankle huggies and wear with a tank top, a short levi skirt with a white or colorful ruffle added to the bottom of the skirt for a go- anywhere, do- anything fashion statement.

    Sparkle Suggestions:

  • Glue fake fur around the top of the ankle covers.
  • Glue those one of a kind earrings (the earrings that you have lost one of the pair) on the ankle covers to add a sparkle as you walk.
  • Use colorful ribbons shaped into bows or just knotted and left hanging on various areas of your ankle covers.
  • Use sparkle fingernail polish or paint to create designs on your levi ankle cover.
  • Use your imagination, any unique objects you fancy, and have fun.
  • ankle2.jpg - 23.7 K
    © Bobbie Jean Peachey
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