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Halloween Safety Tips For Parents

Halloween safety tips and a halloween safety guide for parents to ensure that their children are safe on Halloween night.

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No Tricks Without a Parent
Younger children should always be accompanied by a parent when out on Halloween night trick or treating. Stay close enough to see your children go all the way to the door and then have them return to you before going to the next house.

Don't Wait for the Dark

Take younger children out trick or treating while it is still light, but do plan ahead and carry a cell phone and a flashlight.

Never Eat the Treats

Never let you child eat Halloween candy or treats until you have thoroughly inspected each treat in the Halloween bag. Carry a bottle of water and a snack from home if you children must eat something while trick or treating.

Count the Kids

If you are in charge of your own children and a few neighborhood children then you should do a head count after each door and visibility identify each child you are in charge of before going to the next house.

Stick by Your Neighbors

Trick or treat in your own familiar neighborhood. Stay focused on your children and your surroundings. If you spot anything suspicious call the police.

Are You Comfy?

Wear comfortable cloths and comfortable walking (or running) shoes. Be prepared to chase a child who is excitedly running to the next house or forgets to stay with you and starts to dart across the street.

No Lights? No Stop!

Do not allow a child to go to a house that has no lights showing.

Giving Treats to the Kids

Never give out home made candy or treats. Ensure that all candy is individually wrapped and that the wrapping is not coming apart or torn.

Why not give out healthy Halloween treats, such as cereal bars, snack packs of dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, boxes of raisins, gummy candy made with real juice, or packets of graham crackers this Halloween season.

Instead of Halloween candy give non- candy items such as glow bracelets, Halloween stickers, Halloween pencils or erasers, or spider rings.

Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?

Keep pets inside or in a safe place in your backyard on Halloween. Never allow your pets to get near the door when you give out treats. Keep them in another room if your pets tend to run to great people when they come to your door. Be considerate. Some children may be afraid of dogs and cats, even if your dog or cat is small.

Come On Out!

Always step outside your door to give out the Halloween treats.

Turn Out the Light

When you run out of treats remember to extinguish any outdoor candles, luminaries, and candles in pumpkins used to light the way to your door, and turn out the porch light. This lets adults and children know that you no longer are giving out treats.

Do You Know Where Your Teens Are?
Click on the link to Halloween Safety for Older Children, listed below, for the plan to track your older children on Halloween night and Click on Halloween Safety for Young Children below for tips to keep the Little Ones safe and sound.

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