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Halloween Safety Tips for Young Children

A Halloween safety guide with Halloween safety tips that every parent needs to follow to keep children safe on Halloween night.

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All costumes should be flame resistant and comfortable, short enough not to trip the child, and the costume or mask should not cover or obstruct the vision of a child.

Painted Faces

Face paint is a better option than masks that could obstruct vision. However, any face paint or make-up put on you use on a child must be tested first on a sensitive area of adult skin before being used on the face of a child. Read the instructions and ingredients carefully and always keep the face paint or make-up away from the eyes and mouth.

Toes and Tender Feet

Shoes worn by children on Halloween night should be the most comfortable walking shoes a child has. Children should never wear flip flops, heels or flimsily made shoes that match their Halloween costumes.

Leave the Swords At Home

No swords, pitchforks, metal toy guns or any object with sharp or pointed edges should be carried by any child on Halloween night. If you child really must have this type of an accessary, in addition to the trick or treat bag, then ensure that the toy is made of cloth or is a soft flexible toy.

Let There Be Light

Sew or glue reflective tape on the front and back of costumes, on the trick or treat bags. Bracelets and necklaces that glow or flash and LED swords, light sabers and guns would make suitable Halloween accessories.

Identify Those Ghouls

Pin or attach to each costume the name, address, and phone number of each young child. The night is dark, people are out, children are running around and it is very easy for a small child to be separated from you. Be prepared.

Make Lots of Noise

A young child who is old enough could be given a whistle to wear around his wrist or neck to blow in case he or she gets separated from you while out trick or treating. A whistle and an identity label on clothing is also a must when visiting theme parks such as Disney Land.

Don't Be Like a Moth

Moths flutter around lights and flames. On Halloween there are many candles, pumpkins with candles inside, and luminaries lighting the way from the sidewalks to the doorways where those yummy treats are. Adults need to carefully supervise their children around any flames while trick or treating or at any indoor Halloween party.

Don't Cross This Line

Make sure your child understands that must never cross the line and go inside a house when trick or treating. Intervene quickly if you see you any child entering to take candy anyone who doesn't pass the candy or treats outside the door.

My Neighborhood

Keep your young children in your own neighborhood that they and you are familiar with. Watch to see that they don't get too tired to walk back home.

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