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Potato Peels Recipe

In the beginning, before there was restaurant style potato skins, there was tasty potato peels.

The next time you make mashed potatoes for your large yearly family get-together or for your own family supper,save and fry those potato peels for a special tasty addition to your meal. three small red arrows pointing down

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1. Potato peels from 4 - 8 potatoes
2. Butter (or olive oil)
3. Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Scrub 5 to 8 potatoes until they are clean. (You can use Idaho potatoes or any type of potato that you prefer.)

  • Peel the potatoes just as you would do if you were making mashed potatoes. You don't need a lot of the potato left on the peel, just a little.

  • Put the potato peels into a pan of cool water to keep until you get your peeled potatoes cut up and into a pot to boil.

  • Take your potato peels out of the cool water drain well. (Paper towels work well for this.)

  • Cut the peels into squares or oblongs.

  • Put several tablespoons of butter (or olive oil) in a large skillet and heat the butter or olive oil a bit.

  • Add the potato peels and cook over medium heat until browned.

  • Serve warm.
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