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Love Sickness

What is Love Sickness? Can You Get Ill From It?

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The Free Dictionary defines Love Sickness as a non-medical term used to describe mental and physical symptoms associated with falling in love, while Wikipedia defines it as rejected or unrequited love and goes on to state that it covers physical as well as mental symptoms. NetDoctor affirms that unrequited love is something that would make you feel depressed and suggests letting your doctor know so that the depression can be dealt with if it gets out of control.

Symptoms of Love Sickness

The symptoms of Love Sickness may include:

  • clammy hands
  • dry mouth
  • rapid heartbeat
  • depressed
  • tearful
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of appetite
  • Complications of Love Sickness

    Wikipedia states that although love sickness is typically harmless it can lead for some personalities to serious physical or mental illness, suicide or even death.

    Causes of Love Sickness

    A 1990 study in Italy found that people with love sickness had less serotonin than people who were not love sick, leading serotonin to be referred to as Cupid's chemicals, Love's chemicals, and is possibly the reason that people who are love sick are said to be "Crazy in love".

    The Cure For Love Sickness

    Edwardian doctors recommended an energetic session of lovemaking to cure love sickness. Wikihow has an 11 step plan to get over being love sick, that includes a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, and thinking positive. Most people say that TIME is the only cure for love sickness, while others recommended ripping up the photo of the object of your love sickness, taking yoga classes, getting out of the house, making new friends, or eating chocolate. Pick a cure and go for it.

    When to Get Help

    If your depression is to much to handle in everyday life, if it interferes with your work, school, eating or sleeping, then see your doctor. If you are in a state of despair, feel hopeless, or are physically exhausted, then see your doctor. As with any other illness, if it persists beyond a week or two, then see your physician.

    So, the answer is "Yes, there is such a thing as Love Sickness", but there is no known cure for love sickness. However the condition or symptoms of love sickness, such as depression, can be treated by your physician."

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