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Toxic Face Paint

Is Halloween face paint toxic? Are you endangering your children by using products with toxic ingredients to paint their faces with Halloween designs and decorations?

* How Toxic is Halloween Face Paint?

"With Halloween approaching, I set out last week to find make-up to decorate my three-year old daughter Ella’s face to go with her ladybug Halloween costume. I saw a variety of brands of face paints at the drug stores and toy stores near my north Berkeley home. Before choosing one to buy, like many Berkeley moms wanting to find the most natural products for their kids, I decided to first research online for the most natural brands available. I was amazed at what I found."
By Belinda Lyons-Newman

While researching Halloween face paint Belinda finds that here are toxic chemicals in many of our products including soaps, cleaning products, air fresheners, paints, and personal care products and in everything from from lipstick to baby shampoo.

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Face Painting for Halloween
Snazaroo Face Paint
Safe Cosmetics Acts
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Make Your Own Halloween Face Paint

Use natural fruits and vegetables to create your own non toxic face paint. If you do try this method to create face paint, I would strongly suggest that you try any face paint you make on a sensitive area on your own body before applying it to the face of a child.

Four Natural Food Coloring Ingredients
Use beet juice in frosting for a rosy pink, use blueberries for deep blue, avocado for green, and turmeric powder for yellow. If using any of these for shades of face paint I would suggest using substituting saffron for the turmeric powder.

Face Paint Recipe
Click on the Natural Food Coloring and the Activated Charcoal to find where to buy them.

Safe and Natural Face Paint
Be careful how you go about coloring that precious skin – store-bought face paints are typically composed of toxic ingredients.

Face Paint Designs

Hello Kids Face Painting Designs
Clip on a picture for the materials needed and the instructions for creating the face painting design.

50 Kids Face Painting Ideas
Use Next at the top of the photo to browse these face painting ideas.

Faces on Pinterest
Lots of face painting ideas photographs.

Beware of Artificial Food Colors

Artificial Food Color Ingredients
If you are concerned about toxic Halloween face paint then Do Not use food colors. This site names and described the toxic ingredients in artificial food colors Red 3, Red 40, Blue 1 and 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Green 3 and Orange B.

  • Red 3: Caused cancer tumors in rats.

  • Red 40: Linked to hyperactivity disorders, allergy-like reactions and migraines.

  • Blue 1 and Blue 3: Linked to tumors in mice, allergic reactions.

  • Yellow 5: May cause tantrums and hyperactivity in children.

  • Yellow 6: Linked to tumors of the kidney and adrenal glands.

  • Orange B: Caused urinary obstructions, may harm liver and bile duct.
  • If you decide to create your own face paint using food coloring, locate natural food coloring and also check the ingredients in any "natural coloring" to ensure that it would be safe for young children.

    Read about food colors, the purpose of food coloring, the regulation of food colorings, natural food dyes, banned food colors, and other food coloring information.

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