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Don't Send Your Child to School If . . .

It's back to school time again, but there will be times when you should NOT send your child to school. How do you determine if he or she is too sick to go to school?

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Attending school on a regular basis matters. It matters the most for our most vulnerable students who live in or near poverty. Millions of students are currently missing far too much school, with multiple detrimental effects. Chronic absenteeism is a key driver of the nation’s achievement, high school graduation, and college attainment gaps. A major reason this occurs, is because few schools, districts, or states routinely measure absenteeism. Because chronic absenteeism is not measured, it cannot be monitored or acted upon. A Report on Absemteeosm

When Not to Send Your Child to School
One school district compiled this list of eight illness symptoms to determine when not to send a child to school.

Is My Child Too Sick for School?
If you child has fever, red eyes, vomiting, sore throat, diarrhea, stomachache, or a cold, follow this guide to decide if he or she is too sick to go to school.

When a Child Doesn't Want to Go to School

If a child consistently refuses to go to school or claims to be ill every day, there could be several reasons why he or she doesn't want to go to school. It's important that a parent be concerned about this behavior. It may be that the child is overworked in school, having problems with one or more of the scholastic topics, bored in school, or it could be as simple as being too tired in the mornings, but the number one reason a child tries to avoid school is because he or she is being bullied.

  • How to Talk to Teachers About Bullying
  • The Long Lasting Effects of Bullying
  • If a School Isn't Addressing Bullying
  • States With Anti-Bullying Laws
  • Stop Cybebullying
  • What Every Parent Should Know About Teachers
    Most teachers like what they are doing, are enthusiastic about teaching, know their subject, and like people, both adults and children. They are are caring, loving, and dedicated. However, some are not.

  • What if the Bully is a Teacher?
  • Teacher Bullying: The Battle a Kid Can't Fight
  • Bullying Resources
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