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West Nile Virus

Find information and resources about the West Nile Virus, mild symptoms, severe symptoms, possible treatments, and other information you need to know about the West Nile Virus.

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You probably know that mosquito bites are normally the cause of the West Nile Virus, but did you know that there is no cure for West Nile Virus and treatment for mild cases consists mostly of rest and drinking lots of liquids? Severe cases of the West Nile Virus can be life threatening and requires hospitalization. Wikipedia. small red arrows pointing down

The West Nile Virus was first found in 1937 in Uganda. Israel had an outbreak of West Nile Virus in 1957 and by 1999 the virus was found in the United States, Russia, and other countries.

I am a likely candidate for the West Nile Virus as mosquitoes will bite me instead of the ten people standing around me. However it was my daughter, who is not prone to being bitten by mosquitoes, who contracted a severe case of the West Nile Virus. Not much was known about the West Nile Virus at that time about danger associated with severe cases of West Nile. Because my daughter was a nurse and refused to go to the hospital, insisting that she would be all right, we did not get her to a hospital. It was months before she recovered enough to be out of bed each day and before we realized that her symptoms and severe headaches were caused by brain inflammation such as meningitis and/or encephalitis. My daughter did recovered and is now a nurse practitioner. She still has periodical bouts of severe headaches and other West Nile Virus symptoms that last a day or so.

West Nile Virus Resources

This site has a good overview of the West Nile Virus, the symptoms, treatment, complications, and prevention.

CDC Fact Sheet
Facts about how the virus spreads, prevention, symptoms, the risks of getting the West Nile virus and other important facts.

West Nile: eMedicineHealth
An in depth look at the West Nile Virus that includes Self-care at Home, Medical Treatment, the Next Steps, Follow-up, and Outlook.

West Nile Facts for Kids
An informational West Nile resource for kids that includes a bit about where it was first found, what causes it, the symptoms, and how to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes.

West Nile: Mayo Clinic
A brief description of West Nile virus, plus the causes, risk factors, tests, treatments, and prevention.

West Nile Virus: MedicineNet
Questions and answers about the West Nile Virus that includes "Besides Mosquitoes, can other insects transmit the West Nile virus? " and "Are there any other viruses around like the West Nile virus? "

West Nile Virus Articles:
West Nile Virus: The Beginning
West Nile Virus: The Recurring
West Nile Virus: The Mimic

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