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Get A Human On The Phone

Don't talk to robots! Find out how to get a human on the phone the easy way and find a huge list of business telephone numbers that help you get to a human representative.

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Get A Human

Playing the Phone Game
Have you ever been driven to banging the telephone against the kitchen counter top or swinging it round and round over your head before bashing it against the concrete patio floor? You know exactly what I am talking about, don't you?

It's an automatic robot answering machine that's helping you quickly find the department or person you want to speak to, right?

  • First you hear, "Listen closely because our menu options have changed.
  • Then you must choose a number from one to ten and hope you remembered the correct option that number represents.
  • Instead of being routed to a department or person, the automatic helpful robot is asking you to input your 38 digit ID number.
  • If you can enter this number on the phone pad in under 5 seconds you might just be connected to a phone that no one answers in the department of your choice.
  • Before you finish entering your ID number, the robot from hell interrupts and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand you. Please enter your 38 digit ID number."

  • You DO know that you are not going to get the help you need or talk to a human, don't you?

    If you are tired of playing the phone game, cursor down the page to Get A Human, My Way (My system really does work!) or go to Get Human for a popular selection of business numbers, plus tips to reach a human customer service representative. Do keep in mind that many of the companies change their numbers or the options on their phones very often, and many of the phone numbers in these lists are out-dated now. If the business number you need is not listed in the popular selection of numbers, then browse the entire A - Z alphabet listing for the company you need.

    Happy hunting and good luck!

    Get A Human, My Way!

    My method below is the easiest and the quickest way to get past the demon phone robot and to talk to a human. Follow these steps exactly, including step number 7, the most important step of all.

    1. Dial your number. Listen to the robot, but do NOT punch in a number. Never, never make a choice.

    2. Most robots are programed to get a human on the line if they don't get a response. However, if the robot hangs up on you, then you will have to try the Get Human site or go back to trying to comply with the idiot robot.

    3. The robot will assume you have no fingers and will give you a voice option. Great! Now we are getting there!

    4. Do NOT say anything the robot can understand. Never say anything that could be considered a word or a language, EVER.

    5. When the robot pauses and waits for you to speak, only talk gobbledygook, or gobble like a turkey or squawk like a demented Donald Duck. Try to make your voice go up and down as though you were actually communicating.

    6. Eventually the robot may attempt to "trap" you by asking if you would like to speak to a customer representative. Continue to speak gobbledygook! This ensures that you WILL get to talk to a human!

    7. This is the most important step of all. When the human picks up the phone, immediately STOP talking gobbledygook, gobbling like a turkey or squawking like a demented duck.

    If you continue to do this you will ruin it for all of us who had found this method to be the quickest and the easiest way to get past the demon robot and to the human who can help us. After concluding my business with the human that I have reached I always like to thank him or her for being there to the help that only a human can give.

    Good luck, and may the force,, phone be with you!

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