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Attention! Google Abducted By Aliens

Have you heard yet? Google's gone!

Abducted by Aliens and dragged off into space. It's TRUE! My bother's wife's cousin four times removed grandmother saw this happen with her own eyes!

google4.gif - 14.1 K

Okay, so maybe Google is still around. I really hope so.

One of the best kept secrets of the world, other than the kidnapping of Google by aliens, is that the older you get, the easier it is for you to be entertained.

Take my cousin and I for example:

The house that my cousin and I were sharing had a row of lovely green bushes with purple flowers next to the back yard patio. As I was watering them one day I noticed that as the water wet the branches, seeds were flying out of the bushes with little popping sounds. I yelled for my cousin to come out and we enjoying 15 minutes of fun watering the bushes, giggling and laughing like maniacs while dodging popping flying seeds as they flew past our noses. For as long as we lived in that house we both went out back to water those bushes, dodging seeds, and making happy memories.

Entertainment Value on a scale of 1 to 10

Rated: 10.
Cost: Nothing.

"Why did you tell me that example? It has nothing to do with Google being kidnapped" you ask.
"That example", I answer, "is to show you how easy it is for people of a certain age to be entertained."

When I stumbled into the archives of past Google Logos, I became fascinated by the various types of Google Logo art through the years that includes lovely paintings, nature scenes, interesting illustrations, realistic images, simple scenes, complicated scenes, cartoon style drawings, stylized and other holiday and events designs that are thought provoking, just plain cute, or pictures that make you smile.

I quickly became entertained and stayed for hours browsing this one - of - a kind collection of Google Logos.

google1.gif - 19.0 K
A calm and serene scene.
St. David's Day - (UK)
March 01, 2010

google2.gif - 21.0 K
A happy, zappy, and sappy scene for
Akatsuka Fuijio's Birthday -- (Japan)
September 14, 2010

Grab your favorite beverage, relax and browse tons of Google Doodles. Just keep on cruising down the bottom of the page to view year after year of interesting Google Doodles.

You might also enjoy viewing Google Doodles specific to various places of the world. Cursor down the page to the World map labelled This Doodle's Reach, run your cursor the world to choose a specific area to view and click on it to pull up a tab to view the doodles. When you are ready to get back to the world map just close down this tab.

Spend some time browsing the amazing ideas and art of school children who have competed in the Doodle 4 Google contests.

Have some fun playing the Google Doodle games listed below or choose another Interactive Google Doodle Games.

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