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Music Clip Art Links

Music: Did you know that music is so influential it can alter your heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, decrease your muscle tension, and even affect your body movement and coordination! OMG Facts

Music clip art links to musical instruments, musicians, singers, drums, violins, horns, and other music related images.

three red musical notes
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24K Gold images: Music
Music clip art of golden piano keys, musicians, dancers, music notes, harp, horn, and more.
All Clip Art Site
A small clipart selection music clip art that includes hands beating on a drum.
Andrew Sain's GraphX Kingdom
Clipart of bells, horns, piano, drums, keyboards, harp, and more.
Classroom Clipart
Multiple Pages of musical clip art that includes drums, horns, guitars, bagpipes, an old record player, harps, cymbals, and much, much more.
Free Music Clipart
Instruments, musicians, speakers, microphones, music notes, and more.
Internet Clipart: Music
Cursor down the menu to Music for clip art of music images: clarinets, pianos, violins, horns, violin in a case, records, bells, old radios, accordion, keyboard, etc.
Music Graphics Galore
Everything you could ever want in music clip art. Music instruments, music backgrounds, music banners, buttons, musicians, banjos, bagpipes, pianos, bells, and much, much more. Just keep clicking.
Public Domain Clip Art
Several Pages of clip art that includes, musical instruments, a silhouette of three fiddlers, pianos, accordions, drums, banjos, conductors, singers, horns, and more.
Rocamagifs: Music Clip Art
Metronome, a male singer with a microphone, a woman playing drums, a man playing drums, a male singer with a guitar, etc.
Audio symbols, instruments, listening devices, musical notes, performers, a tunning fork, a music sheet stand, reel to reel tape and other music images.

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