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St. Patrick's Day Clip Art Links

a row of green shamrocks
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St. Patrick's Day clip art links to shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns, Irish backgrounds, Irish flags, green maps of Ireland, green beer, green dragons and teddy bears, clover, men drinking green beer, laughing leprechauns and more.

Clip Art and Crafts
Browse Irish clip art of an Irish harp, the flag of Ireland, shamrocks, a pot of gold, leprechauns, a green fairy, and more.
Clips Ahoy Clip Arts
Pages of St. Patrick's Day clip art: shamrocks, a pinch for not wearing green, a green map of Ireland, a cat sleeping in a patch of clover, and other clip art.
Free Gifs and Animations
Download a man pouring a glass of green beer from a keg, a pot of gold, laughing leprechaun faces and a leprechaun with a shillelagh, a wood walking cane.
Horse Racing Clip Art
Green horse racing jockey shirt linebars, green clover bullets, hat bullets, a clover linebar, leprechauns, and pots of gold filled with gold.
Hub Pages
Shamrocks, leprechaun hats, green map of Ireland, a gold cross with green shamrocks, a man holding a beer and an Irish flag, and pots of gold, etc. Click on the small image to view and download it larger.
Irish Clipart Archive
Browse a large Page of Irish clip art that includes shamrocks, Irish flags, green beer, hats with shamrocks, leprechauns, men drinking beer, pots of gold, a green Irish eye, a mans green vest, shamrock coins, and other St. Patrick's Day and Irish clip art.
Kid's Turn Central
Find cute leprechauns, shamrocks, an Irish teddy bear, and a moose dressed in green.
My Free Clipart
Browse Pages of St. Patrick's Day clip art of shamrock wreaths with Happy St. Patrick's Day text, green dragons with shamrocks, green Irish harps, pots of gold, a blond lady with a green top and hat holding some shamrocks, dragons with gold, leprechauns, and more.
St. Patrick's Day Clip Art
Find a large Happy St. Patrick's Day title or banner, shamrocks in a pot, a shamrock heart wreath, shamrocks, a bowler hat with a shamrock, a green teddy bear with shamrocks, and a rainbow and pot of gold.
The Kidz Page
Teddy bears holding shamrocks, leprechauns, smiling shamrocks, shamrocks with numbers from one to zero, pots of gold, and other St. Patrick's Day images. Click on Next to view all the graphics.

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