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Travel Clip Art Links

Did you know that Mexico City is sinking at an average rate of 10cm a year, 10 times faster than Venice? The reason? Building on a soft lake bed then pumping out subterranean water reserves, isnít a good idea. The alarming descent is evidenced in the cracked pavements, wonky buildings and the 23 extra steps up to the iconic Angel of Independence monument; added because the city has subsided around it. Lonely Planet

Travel clip art links to places, luggage, tourists, trunks, cameras, people, passports, and other travel pictures.

brown travel luggage
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A Perfect World
Travel clip art of luggage, passport, sunglasses, travel vehicles, and more.
California Travel Patches
Track your California travel places with these four travel clip art and patches that includes San Diego, Yosemite, San Francisco, and Hollywood.
Classroom Clipart
Browse Pages of travel clip art that includes luggage, planes, trains, Buses, Paris images, Easter Island, and other travel pictures.
Clipart ETC
Black and white illustration of a travel trunk, boxes, and luggage in three different sizes.
Clipart Heaven
Click on the text name to view each individual tourist image.
Clips Ahoy: Places
Homes, buildings and structures clip art that includes Big Ben, Eiffle Tower, a totem pole, a bridge, statutes, and other places clip art.
CoolClips: Travel
Passports, travel plans, luggage, conveyor belt with luggage, travel in an airplane, x-ray machine at the airport, etc.
Luggage Clip Art
Download luggage, travel bags, trunks, a hotel luggage cart, and a few animated luggage images.
NEO Clipart
Find several travel images that includes a cruise ship and airplane image, a man with a computer and large piece of luggage, a stylized suitcase and map graphic, a travel agent sitting at a desk, and an airplane flying around the earth.
Cursor down the Page to view airplanes, cars, a helicopter, a train crossing, a horse and buggy image, cruise ship, a freeway cloverleaf system, taxi, and other travel images.
PD Clip Art
View several Pages of travel clip art of cars, trucks, gas pumps, bicycles, ships, anchor, sail boats, Buses, motorcycles, and other travel related clip art.
Webweaver's Travel Clip Art
Find passports, vagabond silhouette, a large suitcase, a hiker silhouette, a yellow GPS, backpacks, a luggage tag, a woman taking a picture of a bridge, etc.

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