Browse the annotated resources index to find a multitude of topics to entertain you or catch your interest, included selected newspapers from around the world, online books, missing children information, medical resources, game sites, old photographs, and other interesting information.

Autism resources, help, tips, hints, and support blogs, suggested autism and Asperger Syndrome reading, autism clip art, autism awareness titles, puzzle pieces graphics, and resources about what autism is and where to find help.
Books and magazines online that you may enjoy reading.
The books and writings of Rev. Joe K. Ballard, including Jonah and the Great Fish, Much More, and Resurrection, plus christian studies, Bibles, Bible studies, and information.
Christmas At Our House
Stories about some of our special Christmas holidays though the years, plus cookie and cake recipes, a list of Christmas music to listen to.
Clip Art of Everything
Topics of original mouse drawn clip art found on the Clipart Mountain site.
Craft ideas, craft projects, educational crafts, pre-school and kindergarten projects, wood crafts, crafts for ladies, crafts for holidays and crafts for kids, and more.
Family Articles and Resources
Learn how to clean your house quickly and easily, how to brighten a dark entry way, find photographs of a turning blue ceremony, and other family and garden articles of interest.
Giggles and laughter and very funny LOL videos and pictures of cute animal photos, interesting photos, animals, dogs, cats, children, and other funny things.
Games Online
Games that includes card games, sports games, slots, create a masterpiece on the artpad, racing games, puzzle games, etc.
Grandmother’s Tips
Grandmother may have been old and she may have been opinionated but she had great tips about everything.
Health Resources
Health articles and resources on Autism, Crohn’s Disease, food poisoning, heat stroke, cancer, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Sarcoidosis, love sickness, hoarding, Valley Fever, and other health issues.
All Holidays: The Big List
The big list of holidays, events, occurrences, special days, occasions, and any other reason for a holiday.
Holidays: Monthly
A list of most of the major U.S.A. holidays, plus a few others, in each month.
Humans Of: The Big List
Browse the Humans Of Big List of photographs of humans of New York, and humans of London, and humans of everywhere.