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Grandmother's Tips and Opinions

Grandmother's tips, hints, views and opinions from Grandmother's Parlor. Grandmother may have been old and may have been opinionated, but she was both father and mother to her children for years while her husband was overseas during the war, she clothed them, kept them safe, took them to church, she saw to it that when they disobeyed the laws of the land or the laws of courtesy they suffered the consequences of their actions, and she managed to instill in her children the love and respect for family, for our country, and for our flag.

  • Setting Limits
  • Carpet Stains
  • Candle Wax
  • Wax on Carpet
  • Sunburn
  • Keep Your Oven Clean
  • Patio Party
  • Raising Children and Setting Limits

    My grandmother has an opinion about everything, plus she has some great tips and hints about removing candle wax that has dripped onto the furniture, carpet stains, and a great idea for using that old wheelbarrow you have propped against the back fence.

    Well, I talked to Great Grandmother yesterday. We had both heard the news story of the motorist who reported being shot at as he traveled along the freeway just a bit out of town. The deputies found two groups of young people (skinheads -- whatever THAT is) -- with more fire power and better equipment than the deputies.

    Great Grandmother's reaction to this story was to blame the parents for not setting limits when the children were young. It is Great Grandmothers opinion that if parents do not set limits for their children, then who will? Shall we expect our society to set these limits when the children are old enough to go to jail? Would you want your young teenagers or even your older children to be locked up in jail? The jails, even for young people, are overcrowded and are simply a "holding" station. There doesn't seem to be much education in learning to live a better and more productive life. I am not sure that being locked up with a group of "hardened" criminals, drug dealers and the dredges of society would be a good learning experience in setting limits. I wonder just WHAT these young people in jail learn from their more experienced jail mates.

    Great Grandmother firmly stated that it is up to the parents to be an example for their children and to set limits....including the reinforcement of those limits ... with smacks to small bottoms when the limits of behavior has been ignored and broken.

    Great Grandmother raised 5 children, part of the time by herself while her husband was overseas during the war. She set an excellent example by being a good provider, loving mother and considerate neighbor. Great Grandmother never expected to be handed the world on a platter, never expected life to always be easy and never expected welfare programs to help support her children. She provided her children with better education, better food and better living arrangements than she had. She did an excellent job of raising those 5 children ... including the smacks on the bottoms.

    I am very much in agreement with Great Grandmother's views that parents need to take the responsibility again of raising their children, of instilling honesty, courage, consideration and LIMITS. Like Great Grandmother said, "If the parents do not teach children that there are limits in behavior, then who will?"

    Carpet Stains

    Great Grandmother says to, "Rub dry baking soda into grease stains on the rug, leave overnight, and vacuum up the excess soda the next day."

    hummm...I'll have to try this if I can find my vacuum cleaner. I know I saw it around here somewhere! Does anyone clean anymore .. after discovering the internet?

    Candle Wax on Furniture

    To remove candle wax drippings from the surfaces of furniture, turn your portable hair dryer on the spot and when it softens, remove the large chunks. Use a tissue to wipe the rest away.

    Candle Wax on Capet

    To remove candle wax that has been spilled on your carpet, cut a brown paper bag open and place inside down over the candle wax on the carpet. Heat up your flat iron . . .

    Ladies, or gents, just plug your electric steam iron in, set it on about medium and follow the rest of the instructions, while skipping the part about sprinkling the paper bag with water.

    . . . and sprinkle the brown paper bag with water. Run the flat iron gentle over the top of the brown paper bag where the wax is. When you see a dark spot on the back, move the bag over and continue to run a heated iron over the bag until all the wax is gone. If you paper bag dries out, then sprinkle again to ensure some moist heat.


    A quick relief of sunburn is to dissolve a pinch of baking soda in a cup of whole milk and pat on the burnt area.

    Keep Your Oven Clean

    Take a piece of aluminum foil the size of your oven and place it on the bottom rack of your oven. Cook on the top rack or lay your meat or pizza slices you are warming up on the top rack. The foil will catch spills and drips and will make your oven cleaning much easier.

    Patio Party? Try this for your cool drinks.

    Drag out that wheelbarrow, clean it out and line it with aluminum foil. Fill with ice to hold your pop, watermelon or salads. A great idea for a patio party.

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