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He Arose

This came with a Christmas card from Rev. Joe Ballard and his wife Jewel Ballard one year long ago. I ran across it while going through a box of photos and card. What a pleasure to read again this message from a time long ago.

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Resurrection -- Wonderful thought -- and what a meaning the Apostle Paul gave it!

He declared the Gospel message was that Christ died for our sins according to the Scripture, was buried according to the Scripture and arose again according to the Scripture (1 Cor. 15:3-4).

Christ was God's offering and until we accept the sin offering, we cannot be acknowledged by the Lord. Christ died a hideous death, at Calvary, for our sins and was placed in the tomb.

All His promises to mankind was placed in the tomb with him. His friends wept and satanic powers gloated -- but Praise the Lord -- He arose -- a Victor over death, hell and the grave. Christ, the seed of the woman, had bruised the serpent's head at Calvary.

All Christ's promises came alive at His Resurrection. He arose for our Justification or to Justify Our Faith in His death for our sins. When we deny the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, we deny the only foundation for our Salvation. We died with Christ, were buried with Him. Our old man was crucified with him and the body of sin destroyed. If we be dead with Him -- we shall also live with Him.

Death hath no more dominion over Christ -- then death has no more dominion over us. Let's reckon or count with God. Read the 6th Chapter of Romans. Christ died for all Adam's lost race at Calvary -- but in resurrection He arose head of a New Creation. All that accept Christ by faith and rest in the finished work of Calvary, are saved. They have passed from death unto life and shall not come into condemnation.

Christ came not to do His own will but the will of the Father. Jesus said, "And this is the Father's Will, which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me -- I should lose nothing -- but should raise him up again, at the last day." If there be no Resurrection -- our preaching is vain and we are still in our sins.

No wonder Job said though his body was destroyed, yet in his flesh he would see God. He was contented to wait all the days of his appointed time for his Change. Resurrection!

Joe K. Ballard

Permission to reprint received from Jewel Ballard.
Please forgive any typing errors. They are a result of this typist and not in the original pieces of work.

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