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Boys Clip Art
Boys Singing

Boy clip art of twin boys and an African American boy singing, that's free for use on personal, non-commercial, religious and educational Web pages and projects.

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Boys: For thousands of years Alaska Natives lived nomadic lifestyles - they moved across the land to find food and shelter. When an Inupiat boy was mature enough, an uncle would assume his role as a teacher. The uncle's job was to prepare his nephew to become a contributing member of that community. Uncles, instead of fathers, usually became teachers of the boys because they while they were family and cared about the boy, they were more distant from the boy as a student than a father would be. This separation of teacher and student was a critical element of the traditional educational system. The uncle cared enough to keep the boy alive. At the same time he would allow the child to learn by taking necessary risks and making mistakes in ways that a father might not allow. Apprenticeships were not based on chronological age and grade level expectations like are our schools systems today. The boys were observed by their teachers and given additional knowledge and more responsibilities based on their growth of character, physical development and other abilities. Life and death and the survival of the group depended on children being carefully prepared for adult roles. Alaska's Culture.

Boy Clip Art: Individual Boys Singing
Boy Clip Art: Three Boys Singing
Boy Clip Art: Four Boys Singing

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