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Terms of Use for Clip Art Mountain Content

The Terms of Use in a Nutshell:

1. The original clip art, photos, etc. on this site is free to use for personal, non-commercial, religious,or educational purposes.

2. A credit and link back to Clipart Mountain is not required, but would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about the use of the clip art, after reading the explanations below, then please email me, explaining how you want to use the clip art.

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Terms of Use

  • The contents of this site may not be sold, placed in collections of clip art, published or duplicated in either written or electronic form. You may not change, recolor, resize, animate, or change the images in any manner. You may not create tubes, other clip art forms, greeting cards, etc., without written permission from Clipart Mountain. The exception to this rule is to add your own customized text to blank navigation buttons.
  • If these original images, clip art, photos or images are used on personal, non-commercial, religious and educational Web Pages a link back is NOT required. If you use any image from these collections on your personal, non-commercial, or educational Web Pages a link back (on the same Page the image or images are used) to this site would be greatly appreciated.
  • You may not place any clip art, image, or background from Clipart Mountain in any collection of images, either on the Web, electronic, written, or in any other form.
  • Do not link directly to the clip art. Download the clip art, photo, photo object, etc. to your computer, then upload your Web Page and the clip art to your own server.
  • If you are a commercial site (any site that advertises or sell in order to make money or gain of any kind, or to use the clip art or images in any way outside of my terms of usage, such as a newsletter, print, etc., please email me with the following information.
  • The name of each specific clip art or image and the Page address the clip art or image is located on. Include your name, business name, email, telephone number and fax (if any). I will also need a complete account of where and how the clip art or images will be used, use as newsletters, publications, projects or Web sites, etc.
  • I will then review your request and let you know if you may use the images and the specific terms attached to this usage, such as a small usage fee, etc.
  • I normally charge a $25.00 free for use of one or two images for the life of your company or project. This gives you the right to place the images on items to sell, put the image on business documents, cards, etc. You may not sell the images or give the images to any other person or business. I do retain all rights to the image and may change the image or sell the image as I choose.
  • If these terms are unclear, or if you have any questions, please email me.

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