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It's Not Easy Growing Old

It's not easy growing old and senior Citizens, or people of a certain age, may need a bit of help at times in getting through the days activities.

The following tips and hints are a must for people of a certain age. I suggest that you print them out and keep them with you at all times as they will definitely make your live easier. I also suggest that you pass this list out to other people of a certain age that you come across who look as though they could benefit from this helpful list.

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What People of a Certain Age Needs to Know

  • 1. Do not leave home without first going to the bathroom.
  • 2. Make sure the garage door is open before backing out.
  • 3. Turn off the car engine and set the brake before going back in to get the grocery list you left on the table.
  • 4. Oops, you are in the house. What is the first rule? Right. Back to the bathroom you go!
  • 5. If you park your car in the handicapped zone at the grocery story, be sure to hang the Handicapped sign on the window. Other seniors and people of a certain age will leave nasty notes on your windshield if they do not see that sign.
  • 6. You can't find your grocery list. Yep! You left it at home! Borrow a pencil and paper and try to recreate the grocery list you left on the bathroom counter. Don't hesitate to stop other people of a certain age and ask to see their grocery list to find familiar items you can use on your list.
  • 7. Once you have looked at most of the other older citizens grocery list you will have quite a few things to buy on your list.
  • 8. Just as you are about to grab a basket and start shopping, a senior citizen enters the store digging into her purse and muttering to herself, "Where is my grocery list?, Where is my darn grocery list?"
  • 9. Run quickly to the next isle and hide around the corner. Do not let this person see your list as you will never get your shopping done if you try to help her.
  • 10. You finally make it home and pull into the driveway and your garage door won't open.
  • 11. You keep pushing the button hoping for just one more spark of the garage door opener so you can get into your garage.
  • 12. You notice movement to your right and glance to the right you see your neighbors garage door opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing.
  • 13. Your face turns red as you back out of your neighbors driveway and drive into your own garage.
  • 14. Find your original grocery list on bathroom counter and quickly scan it to see if you managed to buy anything written on the list.
  • 16. If there are important items on the bathroom list that you must have put the list into your purse and carefully following rules number 1 through 5, go back to the store to purchase them.

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