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Christmas Depression

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and wonder but many people this holiday season will suffer sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

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Causes of Christmas Depression

Identifying some of the causes of Christmas depression is the first step to doing something about it and finding ways to cope with holiday season illness.

  • Holiday Commercialism
  • Financial Troubles
  • Unemployment
  • Loneliness
  • Deaths
  • Divorce
  • Surviving Christmas Depression

    Five Ways to Cope:

    1. Ignore the commercialism
    3. Get outside
    3. Start new Christmas traditions
    4. Be active. Do something
    5. Avoid people who make you feel sad

    Five Tips for Holiday Blues:

    1. Watch your prescription medication
    3. Be aware of the weather and the full moon
    3. Plan for PMS
    4. Double check your antidepressant medications
    5. Know what triggers your depression

    Five Ways to Beat the Blues
    1. Spend only what you can afford
    3. Don't give yourself a hard time
    3. Spot your signs of stress
    4. Look after yourself
    5. Talk. Confide in someone

    Surviving Christmas Alone

    1. Travel. Take a holiday cruise or tour
    3. Volunteer. Help feed the homeless
    3. Treat yourself to a present or two
    4. Enjoy a movie

    Reduce the Holiday Stress
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  • 1. Set a money limit for gifts and only spend what you can afford.

  • 3. Do your Christmas shopping online.

  • 3. If you have a large family for Christmas dinner have everyone bring a dish and plan the Christmas dinner at least 3 weeks ahead of time so everyone has time to prepare their dinner dish.

  • 4. If you family is small make reservations at your favorite restaurant and avoid the time to make and clean up a large Christmas dinner.

  • 5. Don't mix alcohol and the Christmas holidays. Alcohol is a depressant and doesn't need to be around to spoil the joy and wonder of the season.
  • Get Help

    If you or someone you know is deeply depressed and does not seem to be able to cope, then please get medical help. The Mayo Clinic Web site describes some of the medications used to treat depression.

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