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The Original School Transportation: Wayne Works, predecessor of Wayne Corporation, was founded in the United States in 1837. By the mid-1880s, it is known that the company manufactured horse-drawn school carriages colloquially referred to as "school hacks", "school cars", "school trucks", or "kid hacks". "Hack" was a term for certain types of horse-drawn carriages. Initial "horseless" school buses retained the rear entry of the kid hacks (a feature designed as to not startle the horses when loading or unloading passengers). Wikipedia

School clip art of teachers, school Buses, graduates, school books, erasers, and other education images.

small yellow school bus
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4YEO: Back to School
Back to school 3D icons in all the basic colors: a paint brush, a pencil, a book, a school bag, a thumbtack, and more.
Ace Clipart: School
Clipart that includes blackboards, classroom, colored chalk, a graduate, a girl and a globe, school children, copy books, and more.
Clips Ahoy: School
Books, assignments, computers, math, students, teachers, supplies, lunch, playtime, Buses, desks, and much more.
Graphix by snogirl: School
Click on the schoolhouse for apples, pencils, school houses, books, paper clips, etc., or download school related tile backgrounds or school alphabet sets.
Jen's Sunny Corner Clipart
Country clip art: a school bell, a ruler, scissors, a schoolhouse, a patchwork apple, an owl on a stack of books, note paper, and School Days sign.
School Bus Clipart
A good selection of school Buses that can be used for educational purposes.
Icons of school houses, plus larger images of school houses. Click on Next to view the second Page.

small red arrows pointing down

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Clip art of holidays, animals, cactus, food and beverages, wine, grapes, cats, dogs, pet responsibility, children, military vehicles, military personnel, trains, famous landmarks and cities, buildings, penguins, holidays, pride graphics, and much, much more.

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