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City Clip Art
Purple Buildings With Trees

Homes: In parts of Germany and Poland, when a couple marries, guests break a whole lot of porcelain. And leave it to the couple to clean up. They do this right in front of the brideís home, usually the night before the wedding. Itís called "Polterabend" and itís meant to symbolize the struggles the new couple will face as they build a home together, with an emphasis on working together through those struggles. If youíre invited to participate, make sure you break only porcelain (old toilets welcome) and not glass, which stands for happiness, and therefore should never be broken. House Logic

View city and homes clip art of blue and purple city buildings, apartments and green trees.

purple and blue buildings with trees

purple and blue buildings with trees shadowed
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City Clip Art: Purple
City Clip Art: Tan
City Clip Art: Blue
City Clip Art: Gray
City Clip Art: Purple With Windows
City Clip Art: Tan With Windows
City Clip Art: Blue With Windows
City Clip Art: Gray With Windows
City Clip Art: Night 1
City Clip Art: Night 2
City Clip Art: Night 3

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