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Antique Radios

Who in the world collects old radios? Well, it seems that most collectors have discovered radios as children, either having been given a radio, or built a radio from a kit. Life and business may have interfered with their interest of radios, but eventually many returned to their first love and found the time and means to start collecting and/or rebuilding the first love of their lives.

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For me, the hardest part of living with an antique radio is that when I turn it on and cycle through the stations I can't find those old tunes and programs that I listened to long ago.

American Old Radios Click a letter of the alphabet to view old radios such as a pink ARVIN Model 540, an Emerson 645 radio with a shark fin antenna, a little white Zenith model 6 C 05, and other radios.
Jeremy's Antique Radio Collection
Click on the model numbers or the thumbnails to view photos and information about the radios. Some of the radios have before and after photos and details about the restorations and repairs.
PakRatz Classic Radios
View early tube sets to early transistor radios, including Zeinth bakelite and plastic radios, wood and metal radios, and transoceanic and universal radios.
Phil's Old Radios
View plastic, wooden and Bakelite radio, old televisions, tube portables, and more.
Stone Vintage Radio
Browse a huge collection of radios that includes pre-1920 wireless radios, crystal set radios, 1920s antique radios, and radios from the 1930s to the 1960s, plus antique radio advertising, a section of radios for sell and more.
Virtual Radio Museum
On the left hand side of the page, click on Novak, Phillips, SBR, Siera, etc. to view the radio collections. Find photo collections of radios that includes Novak, Phillips, Siera, and other brands of vintage radios.

Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to your favorite old time radio programs from long ago or browse through the entertainment that your mom or grandmother listened to as they made your bed, cleaned the house, ironed school and church dresses, did the laundry, fixed supper or just relaxed for 30 minutes with a cup of coffee.

Old Radio World
Remember Father Knows Best? Now you can listen to your favorite comedy radio programs that includes Amos 'n Andy, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, or drama programs such as Dragnet and Radio City Playhouse, or tune into a Fireside Chat by the United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Old Time Radio Fans
Was radio soap operas your thing? Now you can listen to episodes of The Guiding Light, Ma Perkins and more, or browse comedy, drama, mystery western, or detective stories that include Our Miss Brooks, The Life of Riley, Doctor Kildare, Inner Sanctum, Flash Gordon, Hopalong Cassidy, Have Gun Will Travel, The Shadow, Sam Spade and many other old radio programs.
Old Time Radio
Check the topics down the right hand side and you'll find old radio shows from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, history, music, sitcom, soap opera, and so much more to browse on up through the 1970s.
Radio Lovers
Browse and listen to comedies, drama, mysteries, variety, western, and more, including Benny Goodman, Joe Palooka, The Aldrich Family, Boris Karloff, The Avenger, Night Beat, Ellery Queen, Unsolved Mysteries, The Bell Telephone Hour, Voices Of History, Gunsmoke, Red Ryder, Buck Rogers, Ernie Ford, Big Bands, The Saint, The Creaking Door, and much, much more.
Old Time Radio Shows Online
Listen online to your choice of a huge selection of radio shows that include 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Dracula, Sky King, Milton Berle, Family Doctor, Duffy's Tavern, Charlie Chan, The Falcon, Sherlock Holmes, Grand Central Station, the episodes of Life of Mary Southern, Guiding Light and Young Widder Brown, plus Orson Wells, Vanishing Point, the Sinking of Bismark 1941, Apollo 13 (one small step for man), Frankenstein, War of the Worlds, People Are Funny, Perry Mason, Tom Mix and way to many to list here.

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