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The Web is wide, and high, and long, and so very deep. So many sites to browse to find something to catch my interest. I do hope that some of my favorite interesting sites will catch and hold your interest also. If you only have time to browse one site, make it "Don't Go Rafting Without a Baptist in the Boat", but don't miss "Song of Pi", it's mesmerizing, and what about the Tallest Buildings in the World? They are totally Awesome! Each and every site listed caught and held my interest. I do hope that you will browse them all.

Abernathy Pearl
In 1967 a freshwater pearl was found in the River Tay by William Abernethy. You probably won't find a photo of William Abernethy, but you will find a photograph of the Abernathy Pearl and Photos of the River Tay.
About Family Crafts
Find some craft ideas below that will make you shout, Wait! I Want to Create that!
Animal Friendships
Find some stories about animals who have formed bonds with another animal of a different species.
Animal Heroes
Find some stories about animals who have formed bonds with another animal of a different species.
Animals Of . . .
Animals of lists that include Cows of Vermont, Dogs of New York, Cat Mayor of Talkeetna, Dogs and Their Owners, and other animal lists.
Antique Radios
Find photos of old and vintage radios from avid radio collectors of all ages.
Antique Toys
Browse toys of yesteryear put out by companies such as Disney, Fisher Price, Idea, Buddy L and other toy companies.
Amazing Paper Airplanes
Paper airplanes that includes some old favorites, unique, and new airplanes, plus video instructions for making the downloadable paper airplane patterns.
Autism and Oliver
Autism and Oliver is the story of life with Oliver as a young six year old boy through his journey to a young man, told with love and many pictures.
Backpacking Kitty
The story of a kitten who is backpacking with his human companions on a world walking tour.
Beaverdam Creek
An interesting personal Web site that that will keep you hopping from one part of the site to the other and includes family history, family memories, German recipes and more.
If you need a bookshelf today, you will find a multitude of standard bookcases for any size room or space, plus a variety of strange, unique, and just plain weird shapes that will decorate your wall or room as well as hold some of your favorite books.
Christmas at the North Pole
Stories to read, games to play, recipes to browse, Santa dancing, and other Christmas activities.
Coin Stacking
Browse some amazing structures of bridges, hollow domes, pyramids, towers, and patterns built with stacks of coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, and other coins.
Crazy Laws
Through the years some really crazy laws have been added to the multitude of our towns, city and state laws. Some of the laws are funny, some are ludicrous, and some of the laws make you wonder what in the world they were thinking of!
Don't Go Rafting Without a Baptist in the Boat
Don't Go Rafting Without a Baptist in the Boat is just one of the good clean and hysterically funny skits by Jeanne Robertson.
Edwards Air Force Base Air Show
Amazing aircraft photographs taken by Fred Bruenjes at the 2003 Edwards Air Force Base Air Show near Mojave, California.
Get a Human
This site has a huge list of business telephone numbers and the instructions to help you get to the human representative.
Giant Cut-Out Art
Giant Cut -Outs along highways and byways, giant figures standing in fields, and giant murals decorating store walls startle and amaze drivers and tourists who chance to run across them. Where do they come from and is their purpose?
Google Abducted by Aliens
Attention! News Flash! Google has been carried away by aliens.
Hair Styles
Would you wear your hair like this?.

Haunted Houses and Halloween Fun
Try to survive a virtual haunted house or try you hand at various Halloween games.
Hobbit House
An environment low impact home in Wales.
Homeschooling Resource Sites
Web sites that provide information and resources for homeschooling, that includes, lesson plans, organizers, and more.
Humans of New York
Fascinating, artistic photographs of people in New York, with a brief description of where they were found, or a few words describing the photo, plus a section of photographs and stories.
Humans Of Miscellaneous Sites
Humans Of Miscellaneous is a list of sites with people that don't quite fit in the "Humans Of . . ." category, but fill in some of the countries and places that are missing from the Humans of sites.
Is it a Shoe or Coffee Table Art?
Browse a Web site that has photos of the most weird shoes in the world.
Kilroy Was Here
Kilroy was here, Kilroy was there, Kilroy was everywhere!
Lost Son?
A true story of a child born to a nineteen year old unwed mother, given up for adoption, but instead placed into the foster care system. By 11 years old he had been uprooted and moved 14 times. This Larry (Lawrence) P. Adams story.
Moms Who Blog
A list of Interesting sites from moms who blog.
Notes From the Road
Notes From the Road is a travel blog with beautiful photographs and fascinating stories about interesting places.
Radio Collections
View collections of old and vintage radios in their found conditions or as restores.
Service Driven
Service Driven is a blog written by Sharon and Jay as they travel throughout the U.S. and Canada on a road trip of service learning and volunteering wherever they are needed.
Song of Pi
Interesting resources and information about Pi, including songs, clip art, games, poetry, and more.
Successful Parenting
The most important job in the world is Parenting. Although you will never be a perfect parent you can be a successful parent.
Superstitions, beliefs, and misconceptions passed down from one generation to the next.
Thanksgiving Virtual Trips
High resolution satellite photos of the USA, for free. Get an aerial view of where you live and print it out.
The Circus is Coming
Videos, pictures and information about circus acts, circus performers, and other circus related resources.
Things You Didn't Know
Browse 10 Web sites with lists of things you didn't know and things you need to know, plus one Web site of things you really don't need to know.
Toilet Paper Roll
Which way does it hang?
Typewriter Art
Typewriter art is created by using text characters, such as the key characters on typewriter keys or on your computer keyboard.
Unusual Churches
Find two pages photos and information about unusual churches around the world.
Where Children Sleep
American children's bedrooms are normally not only a place to sleep and store their clothing, but a retreat that includes gaming machines, televisions, and tons of toys and other entertainments. Some children in the world have very different sleeping places.
Worlds Tallest Buildings
Find some of the most unique and unusual designs in buildings and skyscrapers starting from the worlds tallest buildings and on down.

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