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Haunted Houses

Take a walk on the Dark Side! Find a few haunted houses to enter and explore . . . . if you dare.

Haunted House Scene
*© Bobbie Jean Peachey

The Virtual Haunted House
Walk up a dark candle lit driveway to a moonlit house surrounded by dead trees and stairs leading to a darkened porch and an even darker door. You notice a gate leading to a graveyard to the right of the path. Take a quick look at the graveyard before entering the house as you may never find your way out of the house again!

If you survived the graveyard, then knock on the door. From this point on you will need to be brave and be prepared to run very fast. Good luck to you. I'll wait for awhile here by the front door until you return . . . if you do.

Many years ago I bravely entered this strange and eerie house and survived by the skin of my teeth, and I'm proudly displaying the banner I grabbed as I ran hysterically out the exit door.

I Survived Banner

More Haunted Houses

The Unknown Haunted Mansion
It's a very late October night and you are driving home from a friends house. It has been storming for days, but it seems to be getting worse as you continue driving. All of a sudden, "THUMP"... something has gone wrong with your car! You pull to the side of the road and get out of the car but it's much too dark to see anything and you wish you had a flashlight. Through the rain, you look behind you and see the feint glow of lights in the distance. Great, I can get help there!, you think to yourself.

The Haunted Inn
Welcome. It's so nice to have visitors. Come in and explore our Inn. Uncover the dark secrets buried here. No telling what you'll dig up so lock the doors, check the closets, turn of the lights and turn on your speakers. Happy Hauntings!

Hood Mansion
Hood Mansion is kid-safe, but tricky enough for adults as well! There are hundreds of rooms, hallways, trapdoors, and secret nooks, creepy and surprising things are hidden everywhere. Hidden all over the house there are a number of golden keys. Some rooms may disappear for a time only to reappear later. So keep coming back--you'll never know what you may find! Hidden all over the house there are a number of golden keys. I won't tell you how many there are...but no one has ever found them all! Hint: Click on the moving skeleton hand to get back into the scene after finding a key.

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* The original image (haunted house scene) found at or another Public Domain site has been changed, redrawn, resized, recolored, format changed, and otherwise manipulated, then used on the Clipart Mountain site as wanted or needed.

© Bobbie Jean Peachey
1995 - 2016. All rights reserved.