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About Family Crafts

There are all kinds of crafts.
Illustration of a Satin Stitch
The image above illustrates a using a satin stitch to embroidery a flower petal.
*© Bobbie Jean Peachey

Browse About Family Crafts for cute ideas that appeal for children, teens, and adults. Although not what you might call "crafty", I found several ideas that I just had to try within moments of glancing through this fun site.

In the Recycling Crafts I found a great idea for a prescription pill bottle. I can't wait to finish that pill bottle sitting on my kitchen counter (just three more days) to turn it into a cute flower gift holder for that small piece of jewelry I picked up for my daughter.

Oh wait! I Just found something else I need to create right now!

In the Parties section of About Family Crafts I found this adorable and useful Cupcake Stand.

My sister's and I get together each Wednesday at my house. It's a " bring your own lunch and beverage" luncheon, and someone each week brings dessert. It's my turn and I'm making Melt Away Cookies. I put three or four of the cookies into individual paper cupcake liners, sit them on a dinner plate and place them on the kitchen side counter.

I hate painting and that when I paint any object I tend to get it all over me, around me, and in my hair. But, I am going to make this cupcake stand and I am going to paint it to match my kitchen decor. If I get busy I could create a cute cupcake stand by this coming Wednesday to sit in the center of the table with the dessert cookies in their cupcake liners within reach of everyone.

Find some craft ideas below that will make you shout, Wait! I Want to Make that!

On the right hand side of About Family Crafts Web site is a growing list of craft topics that includes craft books, food crafts, holiday crafts, jewelry, sewing, sports, recycling crafts and more.

Food Crafts
Are you really going to eat all those left over Peep bunnies? There are about 27 calories in each Peep bunny and 32 calories in each chicken Peep, so instead of eating them why not make a cute rabbit or chicken Peep painting by following the instructions for Spring Bunny Painting?

Photo Crafts
Under the Photo Crafts section really you'll find instruction to create Refrigerator Photo Magnets out of material of your children and for your children to play with. I think that grandma would certainly appreciate the refrigerator mages of all of her grandchildren. This would make a great Grandparent's Day gift!

Sewing Crafts
What a wonderful idea! In the Sewing Crafts section of About Family Crafts, there is an article about turning your Child's Drawing into a Stuffed Animal. I don't have a sewing machine or means to do this craft, but Sherri provides several places that will do this for you. My grandson, age 9, creates detailed original autobot and decepticon figures and describes how he would articulate finger movement and joint movement. I bet he would like a fabric toy even if it didn't have movable joints. Perhaps as a birthday or Christmas present?

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