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How to Clean The Kitchen

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I really hate cleaning the kitchen. I would rather do the entire house and let someone else clean the kitchen, unfortunately no one else will clean it either. I finally found this system to clean the kitchen which I can do fairly quickly and easily. I'm not going to cover cleaning the stove, nor the refrigerator. You either have a stove that is self cleaning or you will need to hire someone to make it squeaky clean or you will need to buy a new one. Same goes for the refrigerator. Get it clean or have it cleaned and organized and keep it that way.

Stove Cleaning Tips

Once you have a clean stove or a new one, use a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom and oven racks to take care of over spills and Cover your stove top burner drip pans with foil also. Replace this foil often. Use the exhaust fan when cooking and use bigger pots to avoid spill overs and splatters. Replace this foil often. Keep your refrigerator clutter free and take care of spills as soon as they happen.

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

The only problem area when cleaning your refrigerator would be the area under your refrigerator. Use an old sock slip it over the end of a yard stick, wet the sock with a vinegar and water solution, then slide the yardstick under the refrigerator to get to remove dust and grime. If you can reach behind your refrigerator, then use this same method to wipe down the wall and floor behind the refrigerator.

Cleaning Tools for the Kitchen
  • All purpose spray cleaner (Fantastic or 409)
  • Ammonia spray cleaner (Windex)
  • An old Toothbrush
  • A Sponge
  • Nylon scrubber
  • A mop bucket and Mop
  • paper towels, and a small garbage bag
  • 1--- Work top to bottom and around the kitchen.

    2--- Locate any cleaning trouble spots, such as dried on food, on the counters, table, or floor and spray then with the all purpose cleaner. Let them soak while you tackle the kitchen cabinets. (I'm assuming that you have your kitchen cabinets organized and that you keep them organized.) Clean the cabinet doors with the all-purpose cleaner from top to bottom, spraying with one hand and wiping dry with a paper towel in the other hand. The next time you clean, you will need only to spray and wipe any dirty areas on your cabinet doors.

    3--- Clean the counter tops by sliding all your appliances forward, clean and polish behind them, slide the appliances back and clean the front part of your counter tops.

    Stainless Steel Refrigerators

    If you have a stainless steel refrigerator you will need to clean it with olive oil and white vinegar and a soft cleaning rag. A cheap brand of olive oil will work. No need to buy virgin olive oil. Pour some olive oil onto a cleaning rag and thoroughly wipe the entire stainless steel surface with the olive oil coated rag. Pour a bit of white vinegar onto a clean rag and wipe the entire stainless steel surface that's been coated with the olive oil.

    4--- Spray the ammonia glass cleaner onto a paper towel and polish kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, and microwave ovens. Be careful not to get the ammonia cleaner on the inside of your appliances. Clean and polish your refrigerator door using the ammonia glass cleaner sprayed onto a paper towel. Use another clean towel to wipe the refrigerator down again and you are done.

    5---Use the toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner to thoroughly clean the refrigerator door gasket in order to keep it mildew free.

    6--- Clean and Polish the stove top, knobs, and stove back splash with the all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner.

    7--- Sweep the floor and mop the floor using hot water with a dash of ammonia.

    8--- Clean the kitchen sink by using the toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner to scrub around the drain, garbage disposal opening and water fixtures. Clean the windowsill above the sink with all purpose cleaner and the sponge, then wipe dry with a paper towel. Polish the water fixtures and dry with a paper towel. Toss lemon peels, a half of a lemon, or baking soda in the garbage disposal and run for a few seconds with the water running.

    9--- Toss all paper towels into the small garbage bag. Congratulations! You are done until next week or next month, whichever time you decide is your cleaning day.

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