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This beautiful diamonds award created
and graciously provided by POVLAB

Truegem.jpg - 5.1 K
This gorgeous True Gem Award created
and graciously provided by Chet at Ace Awards

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This lovely True Gem Award created and graciously
provided by Val at Virtual Val's.

As I wander through the many strands of web I stumble upon a page or a site that fills me with delight and wonder, or catches my interest and I stay to read, to laugh, to cry or to learn. The Ultimate Diamond Award or The True Gem Award is given to the creators of these family rated pages and sites in sincere appreciation for their dedication and their many hours of work and for generously sharing their art and interests and knowledge with their neighbors in cyberspace.

It is my pleasure to present the choice of The Ultimate Diamond Award or The True Gem Awards to the creators of the wonderful, fantastic and interesting sites listed below.

Sissi's Sandbox
Sissi's Fantasy Realm has some of the most beautiful unicorn art I have ever seen and I dearly love the small "No Smoking" dragon. Sissi's Sandbox Links are extensive and a pleasure to surf from..just be sure to return to surf again and again and, yes, I also surfed the Fun Page and will admit that I do like Barbies. The poem "Footprints in the Sand " is one of my favorites and it was a pleasure to read it again. Thank you, Sissi, for a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Lori's Angel Page
In this frantic paced holiday season take a bit of time out to relax at Lori's Angel Page. What a beautiful and peaceful site! Lori has some excellent midi links and her angel pictures are gorgeous. You may also surf from the Inspired Links page for hours of thought provoking and interesting sites. It has been my pleasure to visit this visually beautiful and inspiring web site. Thank you, Lori.

A Stroke of Genius
This web site is one of the most beautifully co-ordinated sites I have ever surfed. I am very impressed with this highly professional and totally absorbing portrait studio. The Artists Gallery is a pleasure to browse through and I stopped time and time again just to admire the talent and quality of the many portraits. Thank you, Cynthia, for your creativity and talent that provided me with hours of enjoyment.

Fine Artist and Sculpturer, Richard R. Miller
This must be my month for fine art! What a pleasure to tour the beautiful portraits, landscapes, bronze sculptures and more by this truly great and talented artist. This man's art pleases my eye and delights my soul. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to view your excellent works of art!

Look Out! by Chet Gottfried
What a wonderful tour I had of this web site, from the beautiful simplistic first page through the photo tours. I thoroughly enjoyed the felines, especially the cat artist! Thank you, Chet, for your great sense of humor, artistic photos and creative writing!

Ken's Hunting Page
Ken's pages, including his Hunting Page, is a web site within a site and a great place to surf to for lots of laughter and information. If you love sports and the great outdoors you must visit these fantastic pages! Thank you, Ken, for sharing your humor and interests with me. Although not a hunter and not a great outdoor person, your pages kept me entertained and reading!
Site Closed.

Virtual Tours
Very early in web surfing I ran across this site and have loved it ever since. This is where I always go when I have a few extra moments just to relax and tour the world. What a fantastic choice of places to go and things to see! Virtual Tours is a collection of tours for the World, Museums, Exhibits, Special Areas of Interest and the US Government and more. If you were given the choice of ONLY visiting one site on the entire internet ..... then go here! Thank you very, very much, Frank, for providing the web .. and me .. with this grand and glorious experience in touring the world!

Pam's Place On The Web
I surfed into this web site looking for medical links and gazed in awe at the most beautifully coordinated pages I have ever seen! This site is excellence at it's best. From the Nursing Journals to the Search Tools and Page Credits, this is a visual delight with informative and interesting context. Tears in Heaven, a new addition to Pam's Place On The Web, is a poignant heartbreaking memorial to abducted and murdered children which leaves me crying unshed tears of sorrow for all who have ever walked this lonesome road of grief. Thank you, Pam, for sharing your beautiful web site, your wonderful creativity and your kind and loving heart with me and all who visit you.
Site Closed.

Missy's Online Journal
I followed a candle's flickering glow and found courage, bravery, hope, and fears. Thank you, Missy, for letting us know you, for saying aloud what we fear to hear. For sharing with us we do not walk alone.

The link as been removed to Missy's Online Journal by a request from Missy's family.
Site Closed.

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Web Clip Art is clip art created for use on Web Pages. This clip art has been created with pixels in GIF format for use as Web clip art. This Web clip art can, in some cases, be used for other purposes, such as scrapbooking, newsletters, or greeting cards, but changing the size of graphics created with pixels can cause image distortion. Shadowed images are for use on light or white backgrounds, while unshadowed images are for use on both light and dark background Pages.

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